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What is an empath?

An empath is an individual who is capable of feeling the emotions of others as if they were his/her own emotions. Some empaths are able to feel the feelings and beliefs of anyone to the very depths of their being. These people would be considered to be gifted with hyper-empathy. A few empaths may also able to read entire groups, populations, markets and organizations. Some rare hyper empaths are even able to take on the emotions of others and thus relieve them of pain and suffering for a limited period of time.

The most effective empaths are those who have also achieved wisdom as well as the emotional, intellectual and spiritual maturity to make the best use of their talents.

There are even a few empaths who have learned to use their abilities in business with pragmatism and years of business experience. Imagine having someone on your team during a negotiation who can tell you what the people on the other side of the table are feeling with absolute certainty. Or who can report to you what a demographic or region is going to feel emotionally about your new product or can even help you create a new innovation based on your market's needs and emotions. Imagine having an individual who can serve as a political consultant who can read the potential for a particular political candidate or advise on exactly how to connect emotionally with a voter demographic for maximum effectiveness with 100% accuracy. Or who can read a jury or potential jurors during voir dire.

If this sounds impossible and unreal it is not. It is quite real and demonstrable.

To find an empath with all of these talents is rare indeed.


If you have a need for someone with these abilities on your team, contact Jon Shore at: contact@empath.co

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